PIR Fora

The PIR Fora is a project of the PIR Book Subcommittee. The second Friday each month we pose a question to our members in order to gather information for our book project, “Medicines, Sacraments and Catalysts.” The first series was held in January, 2023 where asked members “What brought you to PIR and what made you stay?” We took a hiatus to work on those transcriptions through February. Our second forum was held March 10, 2023 and focused on the question “How have your understanding of addiction and your approach to recovery changed since coming to PIR?” A second meeting of each month’s forum will be held the following day at a time more convenient for Europe (9 a.m. PST, 5 p.m. GMT). All members are welcomed to come to either, or both, fora.

You can join the Forum at those times through this link:


April 14, 15 question: “How has your use of psychedelics/plant medicines changed your understanding of spirituality and the divine and how has it impacted your work with your sponsor or fellow traveler(s)?”

PLEASE NOTE: The Forum is on a hiatus until further notice. We’re putting our energy into completing our book, Medicines, Sacraments and Catalysts. If you’d like to participate in our work on either the fora or the book, please contact us at: forapirbook (at) gmail.com.